Kid’s Photography Adventure| Friday, November 16th| Ages 5+

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Kid’s Photography Adventure| Friday, November 16th| Ages 5+


Kid’s Photography Adventure | November 16th 4:00-5:15pm | 7+ (5-6yr olds must be accompanied by parent)

Instructor: Laura Liu

*Class will meet up near the entrance of Wylie’s Smith Public Library and shoot along the trail and field behind the library.

300 Country Club Road
Building 300
Wylie, Texas 75098

“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.” — Dorothea Lange

What could be better than your child out enjoying themselves in nature? How about channeling their curiosity & unique perspective through the art of photography! Join us for a Photography Adventure out in the wild. We will begin our time together by covering a few photography basics, such as composition and lighting. The second half of our class, we’ll spend taking a photography scavenger hunt along the trails to put those new skills to use. We will circle up at the end of our hike to share what we’ve found. Any cameras (DSLR or smart phones) are welcome, so whether your child is a budding naturalist or the family photographer, this will be a class they don’t want to miss!

** Please wear clothes that will be comfortable for an outdoor hiking setting.

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