What You Need to Know

We are so very excited to be celebrating our TWO YEAR anniversary the same way we started! Bringing art out into our community and seeing adults and children alike enjoying, creating, and making outside, which is a wonderful thing to experience! Like last year, we have opened this event out to business owners who want to connect with the people of this area organically. Last year we had nearly 550 people come each day to our event and this year we are expecting that amount again! As our permit for this event allows, we ask you to not sell any physical items or goods of any kind. We would like to encourage you to get people to sign up, register for an event, donate, or for you to announce an upcoming event. All we ask is that you bring an art activity that is creative and unique! Painting, building, crafting, or even have a fun sensory activity will bring people to your booth and will get you to interact with people from the area. A perfect way to connect! However, we do ask that you let us know what you want to do and what materials you plan on using so we can properly inform the city of our plans. You are allowed a 10x10 foot area for your tent, tables, etc. No electricity will be provided. All vendors are required to fill out an application form and will receive a conformation email with day of event details. Vendors can choose to be there both days or just come to one.

What yoU Need to DO

Please fill out the application form by clicking HERE 

We love to support local businesses and are excited to get to know you!

Where yoU Need to gO

The Art in the Park Event will be held at Downtown Wylie's Olde City Park near the Pavillion.

112 N Ballard Ave, 75098 Wylie

Tuesday, March 13th 10-12pm

Thursday, March 15th 10-12pm