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I understand that the information I am providing about age, gender, and ethnicity will not be used to determine eligibility for employment, but will be used solely for the purpose of obtaining criminal history record information. 

The information provided by DCS is obtained from the Texas Conviction Database and contains all CONVICTIONS and FELONY DEFERRED ADJUDICATIONS that are contained within the Computerized Criminal History system maintained by the Texas DPS. This file only contains information reported to the DPS by the various Texas reporting courts and may not be complete. This file does not contain arrest records. The database is replaced monthly from updated information received from the Texas DPS. The information is provided for tip and lead purposes only and DCS recommends the user independently verify any information obtained from this database prior to use of the data. If you have any disputes you may contact DPS at 512-424- 7253.

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• I agree that I have read this agreement and that all information provided in this authorization is complete and accurate. 
• In connection with my application as a volunteer with the Creative Arts Guild of Wylie (CAGW), I authorize CAGW to perform a background verification on me using DCS Information Systems. 

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